Astra CD 7
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Choral Scenes

Helen Gifford

The Astra Choir, with solo speakers, instrumental ensemble, percussion & keyboards, conductor John McCaughey

Helen Gifford's Choral Scenes: the Western Front, World War I for choir, speakers and instruments was commissioned by Astra Chamber Music Society. This recording is of the first performances at St Kilda Town Hall on 11 & 12 September 1999 

Poems by René Arcos, August Stramm, WIlfred Owen, Rudyard Kipling, Frederic Manning, Siegfried Sassoon, John McCrae, Wilhelm Klemm, Charles Vildrac, Edmund Blunden, Laurence Binyon, Guillaume Apollinaire, Vance Palmer

Biographical notes on the poets by Helen Gifford appear below under 'Texts/Translations'

Solo mezzo soprano: Moyra O'Byrne

Solo speakers: John McCaughey, John Terrell, Nicholas Tolhurst, William Henderson, Lawrence Whiffin

Instrumental players: Mardi McSullea (flute), Craig Hill (clarinet), Paul Kopetz (bass clarinet), Rosanne Hunt (cello), David Martin (tuba), Kim Bastin (organ), John Arcaro, Robert Cossom, Graeme Leak (percussion), Helen Gifford (Chinese bells)

The Astra Choir, speakers and instrumentalists conducted by John McCaughey