Cover of murchitt, a daydream by Lawrence Whiffin
Astra CD 3
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murchitt, a daydream


Composed by Lawrence Whiffin, with text by William Henderson

With Merlyn Quaife, Tyrone Landau, William Henderson, Astra Choir and chamber ensemble, conducted by John McCaughey. 

Winner of the Australian Music Centre's 1998 National Award for the Best Australian Composition. 

Joint package, book and CD

Recorded at Astra concert series, 29 Sept 1998 at ABC Iwaki Auditoriaum, Southbank Running time: 25'35" 

Track Listing

1. mister murchitt woke up short   9:48
2. and he, hanging by a thread   3:25
3. anna murchitt entered heaven   7:07
4. what fresh hell is this (until again)   5:14