Cover of Threnody by Michael Kieran Harvey
Astra CD 1
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Michael Kieran Harvey

Australian piano compositions: Bagatelles by Keith Humble and Carl Vine with short piano works by James Anderson, Andrew Byrne, Stuart Campbell, Michael Kieran Harvey, John McCaughey

Track Listing

Threnody - Michael Kieran Harvey, piano

Astra CD1

Michael Kieran Harvey Toccata DNA 8:08
Carl Vine Bagatelles 1-4 6:37
Stuart Campbell Quaquaversal 7:13
John McCaughey Preludes 1-8 8:09
Andrew Byrne Within stanzas 7:11
Keith Humble 8 bagatelles 6:50
James Anderson Reveria im neuen stil 6:16
Michael Kieran Harvey Addict 7:02
Carl Vine Bagatelle 5 "Threnody - for all the innocent victims"3:27

Total playing time 61: 12

Recorded January 1995 at Iwaki Auditorium, ABC Southbank Centre, Melbourne and March 1995, Ron Craig Productions, Mittagong, NSW.
This recording was funded by The Ian Potter Foundation and produced with the support of Ron Craig and Yamaha Australia