A mini-multi-celebration of voices & electronics from past & present - September 1-10

Electro-acoustic music in its varied forms has been a recurring element in Astra concerts for over 30 years. In the context of choral concerts, however, it remains something that arises “now and then” in composers’ work. This series of six events over two weekends focuses more specifically on the medium in both of its traditional practices: the combinations with live performance, and the purely electronically assembled. The six programs present work of “now” from some of Australia’s leading researchers and creators in the field, both onshore and expatriate. Equally, they also seek to re-introduce something of the “then” of earlier decades, in a medium which by now has its own sonic history of a half-century and more.

series - six events
Friday 1 September, 8:00 pm
Sunday 3 September, 5:00 pm
Saturday 9 September, 3:00 pm
Saturday 9 September, 5:00 pm
Saturday 9 September, 8:00 pm
Sunday 10 September, 5:00 pm

<p>Church of All Nations, cnr. Palmerston &amp; Drummond Streets, Carlton</p><p>Eleventh Hour Theatre, 170 LeIcester Street, Fitzroy</p>


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Concert Head: 

Guest soloists and instrumentalists
The Astra Improvising Choir directed by Joan Pollock
The Astra Choir conducted by John McCaughey
Technical direction: Michael Hewes

Friday 1 September, 8 pm
Church of All Nations, cnr. Palmerston & Drummond Streets, Carlton
Simone de Haan & Erkki Veltheim
Two remarkable performer-presences in Australian contemporary music offer historical & current perspectives on solo playing & its extended environment:
– from Simone de Haan, earlier works for trombone & tape by Dan Senn (1983), Keith Humble (1987), Warren Burt (1987), Robert Douglas (1988)
– from Erkki Veltheim, new works for violin & electronics that explore digital signal processing as an interface between composition & improvisation.


Sunday 3 September, 5 pm
Church of All Nations, cnr. Palmerston & Drummond Streets, Carlton
Steve Stelios Adam & Michael Hewes
Spatial études and other past and present works and processes in electro-acoustic performance from two of the country’s noted musicians in physical engagement with the medium.
with Jenny BarnesThe Astra Improvising Choir 
new work for voices in space, from Melbourne’s singer/composer/improvisor.


Saturday 9 September,
3 pm / 5 pm / 8 pm
Eleventh Hour Theatre, 170 Leicester Street, Fitzroy

A day of three electronic-pure concerts

3c at 3 pm
THEN ...
a gallery of short electro-acoustic pieces from Australian composers, reaching back to earlier decades. Works by Cindy John, Catherine Schieve, Rohan Drape, Cat Hope, Stuart James, Dirk Reith, John McCaughey, Larry Polansky, Christine McCombe, Robin Fox, Ross Bencina, Jean-Charles François

3d at 5 pm
... NOW ...
new electro-pieces from the new generation of students and recent graduates. Works by Elle Kharitou, Michael Macdermid, Sahar Lin, Nick Saxton, Yolanda Dorosz, Jeffrey Dunn, Matthew Paine, David Weaver, Tamara Partridge, Dylan Imeneo - first performances

3e at 8 pm
Warren Burt, Mosaics and Transparencies (2017)
A seminal figure of electronic music presents a new 60-minute composition for electronic sounds - first performance


Sunday 10 September, 5 pm
Church of All Nations, cnr. Palmerston & Drummond Streets, Carlton
Ian Bonighton, Music For Sleep (1968), 16 - part choir and tape
Cindy John, Hope (2001), choir, cello, percussion, keyboard, computer
Maurice RavelSoupir (1913), arr. for 16-part choir Clytus Gottwald (1985)
Greg Schiemer, Transposed Dekany (2016), choir & iPhones
Tom Hall, Private Papers (2017), choir, percussion, keyboards, electronics - first performance
Graham Hair, Lament For Hagia Sophia (2000/rev. 2017), 8-part soloists & choir with computer-processed bells

The Astra Choir with soloists and instrumental ensemble conducted by John McCaughey