John McCaughey: Musical Director


NEIL KELLY, Cold War Songs

"The Rain of Dragon Fire" (2023– first performance

Choir with 7-stringed Russian guitarother instruments and reel-to-reel tape

Neil Kelly, a founding member of the international artist-composer collective Slave Pianos, has a long career of cross-disciplinary work on historical and cultural themes, breaching boundaries of music and performance theatreformality and fluxus, East and West in art and politics, the technological and the tactile in musical sound. His new Cold War Songs assemble these elements around the recondite presence of a human choir.

Sunday 29 October, 5:00 pm

Collingwood Town Hall, Hoddle Street, Abbotsford VIC


Astra acknowledges and respects the sovereign peoples of the Kulin Nations on whose unceded land Astra is based. We extend our respects to their ancestors and elders past, present and emerging, and to all First Nations people.


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