Concert 4
Sunday 22 October, 5:00 pm

Kensington Town Hall
30 Bellair Street


For tickets call Astra on (03) 9326 5424, or

October Revolution 1917

Marking the centenary of the Russian Revolution (October 25 in the Julian calendar)

After many commemorations for the centenary of World War I, the parallel seismic event of the Russian Revolution is marked in this program with music from Germany, Russia and Australia. The sounds of politically-engaged art and theatre are combined with the raw edge of Futurism, which also defined the era.

Concert Head: 

Hanns Eisler/Bertolt BrechtBallads from 'The Mother' (1931), 
cantata after Maxim Gorky’s novel of the 1905 Revolution in Russia – soloists, choir and 2 pianos

Eisler/BrechtLitany of Breath (1930),
     Three Pieces Op.13 (1927) choir a cappella
     Resolution of the Paris Communards (1935), voices and piano
Stefan WolpeChinese Epitaphs (1937) – choir and percussion
Martin FriedelSongs for ‘The Measures Taken’ (1982)

with solo piano works by Alexander MosolovNikolai Roslavets and Stefan Wolpe

The Astra Choir with soloists
Kim Bastin, Peter Dumsday and Joy Lee (pianos)
and guest instrumentalists
conducted by John McCaughey