John McCaughey: Musical Director

Friedel and Harvey: Dance of the Bee

Interspecies performance and live installation

In association with Arts House

The signs are there: over the past few decades, humanity’s 5000-year collaboration with the honey bee has been building toward a grim conclusion. If we fail to heed their warning, could we be casually swept into the fossil record alongside them?

Friday 11 September, 8:00 pm

Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall
corner Errol and Queensberry Streets
North Melbourne

For tickets call Arts House on (03) 9322 3713, or

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Dance of the Bee

Dance of the Bee

Listen to Martin Friedel and Michael Kieran Harvey on ABC RN Life Matters discussing this "interspecies collaboration" between four pianists, a swarm of bees on stage inside a sculpted plastic transparent hive and the voices of the Astra Choir

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Read about Astra in Italy and Romania

Astra's Musical director John McCaughey's article for Acord, magazine of the National University of Music, Bucharest.

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