astra chamber music society

  musical director: John McCaughey

Travel Kaleidoscope I – ‘Many will come from the East and West...’

Sunday 15 June, 3 pm

Carmelite Church, Middle Park
corner of Richardson and Wright Streets

Music by Heinrich Schütz (1648), Dan Dediu (2013), Philippe Hersant (1998, 2008), Gianandrea Pauletta (2012), Livia Teodorescu-Ciocănea (2001), Helen Gifford (2001), Ricardo Vaglini (2010, 2013)

The Astra Choir with violin, bassoon, bass clarinet and cello, conducted by John McCaughey

Schütz’s Geistliche Chormusik, published at the conclusion of the Thirty Years War, bears the imprint of its own times of suffering, and opens to a contemporary program gathering eastern and western currents in choral sound and thought.

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Sound and Space: Astra and Architecture

'Music always interacts with the architecture in which it is heard, although classical music practice is sometimes slow to realize this. In Melbourne many of the best concert-spaces are buildings not built for that purpose – the splendid heritage of public and ecclesiastical constructions from the first 100 years of the city’s history, as well as industrial and more recent buildings.'

This site, a collaboration between Astra and Culture Victoria, uses images and recordings to document how musical and architectural designs have formed an interactive partnership over three decades of Astra events.


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