John McCaughey: Musical Director

The Astra Choir in Italy and Romania

"molti veranno da oriente e da occidente..."
"vor veni mulţi de la răsărit şi de la apus..."
"many will come from east and west..."

29-30 October
Venice: Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello, Palazzo Pisani
Autunno caldo a Nord-Est (Hot Autumn of the North-East)

30 October - 2 November
Camino al Tagliamento (Friuli)
Camino Contro Corrente 2014 - "Strade dell'Est (Eastern Paths)

5 November, 4 pm
Venice: San Stae Church

6 November, 7 pm
Venice-Mestre: AgitProp Galerie 

8 November, 8.45 pm
Treviso: Civic Museum of Santa Caterina

14 November, 7.30 pm
Bucharest: Cathedral of St Joseph



"God's is the Orient, God's the Occident"

'Secular' works by Robert Schumann, Arnold Schoenberg and from Australian, Italian and Romanian composers, including Keith Humble, Julian Yu, Lawrence Whiffin, Riccardo Vaglini, René Leibowitz and Dan Buciu

Sala Esposizioni di Casa Liani, Camino al Tagliamento

Camino Contro Corrente -"Strade dell'Est"
Camino Counter Currents - "Eastern paths"

Sunday 2 November, 11:30 am

Camino al Tagliamento, Udine, Italy

Sound in Space: Astra and Architecture

Sound in Space: Astra and Architecture

Music always interacts with the architecture in which it is heard ...

Sound and Space documents with images and recordings musical and architectural designs have formed an interactive partnership over three decades of Astra events.

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