astra chamber music society

  musical director: John McCaughey

Travel Kaleidoscope II – ‘God’s is the Orient, God’s is the Occident…’ (Goethe)

Note change of time and location!

Concert 7 - Sunday 5th October, 5.15 pm

Church of All Nations, Carlton
180 Palmerston Street (corner Drummond Street)

Music for choir from Australasia, Italy and Romania

by Francesco Zorzini (2010), Robert Schumann (1849), Arnold Schoenberg (1925), György Ligeti arr. Julian Yu (1953/1993), Filippo Perocco (2010), Mihai Murariu (2012), Giuseppe Verdi (1896), Dan Dediu (1995), Jack Body (2011), Marcel Octav Costea (1989, Marco Molteni (2010), Dan Buciu (2012), Riccardo Vaglini (1993, 2013), Kym Dillon (2012), Elliott Gyger (1997), René Leibowitz (1971), Lawrence Whiffin (1975, 2009), Hanns Eisler (1931), Andrea Gabrieli arr. Heinrich Schütz (1587/1648), Filippo Bresolin (2014)
IMPROVISATIONS FROM: Javanese Song, Romanian harmony, Balinese ketchak chant

Music by its nature is in a continual process of travel, changing its characters, forms and timbres as it moves through history. Its variety and movement are also contemporaneous and geographic. Composers and musicians have always looked over both horizons, of time and space, finding inspiration, techniques to be learned, colours to be borrowed or regained.

The Astra Choir’s second ‘travel kaleidoscope’ in the 2014 season is a kind of viaticum or ‘departure rite’ for the Choir’s own period of travel – for concerts in Italy and Romania in October/November. Astra has had close connections with composers in Italy and Romania over several years. This program brings together a mosaic of works from the three respective regions - choral music from composers of various generations in Romania and Italy joined by a similar age-spectrum from Australasia. ... Read more

The Astra Choir conducted by John McCaughey
Catrina Seiffert (soprano) Jerzy Kozlowski (bass)
The Astra Improvising Choir directed by Joan Pollock
Kim Bastin, Joy Lee, Peter Dumsday (piano and organ)

Bookings at or phone 9326-5424

Astra European Tour

The Astra Choir will be touring Italy and Romania in late October and November 2014, presenting concerts in Venice, Camino al Tagliamento, Treviso and Bucharest. Further details will be available shortly.

Sound and Space: Astra and Architecture

'Music always interacts with the architecture in which it is heard, although classical music practice is sometimes slow to realize this. In Melbourne many of the best concert-spaces are buildings not built for that purpose – the splendid heritage of public and ecclesiastical constructions from the first 100 years of the city’s history, as well as industrial and more recent buildings.'

This site, a collaboration between Astra and Culture Victoria, uses images and recordings to document how musical and architectural designs have formed an interactive partnership over three decades of Astra events.


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