Friedel and Harvey: Dance of the Bee

Interspecies performance and live installation

In association with Arts House

The signs are there: over the past few decades, humanity’s 5000-year collaboration with the honey bee has been building toward a grim conclusion. If we fail to heed their warning, could we be casually swept into the fossil record alongside them?

Concert 4
Friday 11 September, 8:00 pm
Saturday 12 September, 5:00 pm
Sunday 13 September, 5:00 pm

<p>Arts House North Melbourne Town Hall <br>corner Errol and Queensberry Streets <br>North Melbourne</p>


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Martin Friedel, Dance of the Bee (2015) duo for one pianist, piano & prepared piano, perspex bee-sculpture, video projection, 2 piano actants and choir first performance

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Dance of the Bee is a remarkable interspecies musical collaboration; a work performed by three pianists, the vocalists of the Astra Choir and alive swarm of bees, housed inside a sculpted, transparent hive.

Woven through the mysterious song of the bees, the pieces range from soundscapes to intense virtuosic arrangements, punctuated by semi-improvised sonic excursions. As the bees sing, live video allows us to observe the marvel of the hive at work – and to ponder on the fragile connection between our world and theirs.

“If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.” – Maurice Maeterlinck, The Life of the Bee.

Concert Head: 


Martin Friedel, 15 Anecdotes about Bees
Allan Walker, Larry Sitsky and other composers, Landscape in Motion, a swarm of solo piano works

Composed by Martin Friedel
Piano/Prepared Piano: Michael Kieran Harvey, Peter Dumsday, Joy Lee
The Astra Improvising Choir Directed by Joan Pollock
The Astra Choir directed by John McCaughey
Sound: Michael Hewes
Video: Mim Whiting
Sculptural Consultation: Robert Bridgewater
Beekeeper: Martin Friedel

Dance of the Bee has been supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria; The
Robert Salzer Foundation; and the City of Melbourne through Arts House.