concert 2
Sunday 10 June, 5:00 pm

Our Lady Of Mt Carmel Church
210-218 Richardson St, Middle Park


For tickets call Astra on (03) 9326 5424, or

For All Seasons

In APRIL and JUNE, two significant string chamber works by the late Keith Humble are heard among two contrasting networks of choral music. Humble’s String Trio, written in Paris in the 1950s, belongs in the Germanic expressive tradition of Mozart and Schoenberg. The string quartet Four All Seasons of nearly 40 years later is influenced more by American ideas of a continuous sonic environment and variable open forms.

Concert Head: 

The June 10 program, in the sonorous space of the Carmelite Church, draws an arc of choral soundscapes of the American tradition – from Charles Ives and his neglected colleague John J. Becker to Donald Martino and Robert Carl – around Keith Humble’s spiralling perpetuo-moto of string-quartet sound and his open-form choral continuum ACCJ, first composed for the Astra Choir 10 years before the quartet, in 1979.  

Concert Support: 

Natasha Conrau violin, Zachary Johnston violin,  Phoebe Green viola,
Alister Barker cello, Nicholas Synot cello, Calvin Bowman organ

The Astra Choir with solo voices
conducted by John McCaughey

Charles Ives, The Celestial Country (1899), soloists, choir, string quintet & organ
John J. Becker, Mass in Two Parts (1949)
 - Moments from the Liturgical Year (1948), speaker, speaking chorus & choir
 - Nunc Sancti Nobis Spiritus (1948)
Keith Humble, ACCJ (1979) multiple choral groups
 - Four All Seasons, Mouvement perpetuel (1989) string quartet
Donald Martino, Pious Pieces (1971), choir, texts by Robert Herrick
Robert Carl, Sullivan Songs (1971), soloists and choir (Louis Sullivan)